Collective Minds is a company created by the people for the people. CMI is for up and coming artists from around the globe that are ready to make their marks. We allow artists, the word “artists” being widely defined, the opportunity to collaborate with one another and express themselves in the greatest way they know possible, through art. 

We want to help uplift and inspire people to create more and do what they love. Our magazine "Collective Minds", features all genres of art allowing talented amateurs along with seasoned professionals to have an opportunity to attain a featured spot in the magazine and in their own unique way, define art. CMI creates a new path for young artists looking for a start as well as aiding seasoned professionals who are seeking a new outlet.

Through our social media outlets, magazine and promotional packages CMI will make it our first priority to provide recognition to any artists that choose to be sponsored by us or for artists that are chosen through our social media sites by the use of our hashtag #collectivemindsinc

Please explore our site and see what CMI has to offer you, as an artist or as an aesthete.

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"Are They Hooping" Magazine Now Available!


The Are They Hooping magazine has released as CMI's 5th edition. This magazine contains all of the art that you've grown accustomed to with Collective Minds but with a basketball twist. You can also rad interviews and learn about our partner Centennial High-School's basketball program! Follow the link below to read or subscribe!


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