A Breath of Wind – Mckell Craft

Ancient songs, echo within ruins of long past.
Dreams remain, as a breath of wind.
Lands of towers and homes, return to nature’s grasp.
History will become myth and truth.
As destruction comes, to reclaim and renewal the world.
The flames burn and turn to ash, once was.
As a bed of grey that turns into green.
Let your dreams, restore your passion.
To live and to find, what you seek.
Ruins of the past, remain as a memory.
Will you repeat or bring about a new future?
Ancient songs, remain as ghosts.
Within the sky, like a light in the cold dark.
A breath of wind, that shall renew.
The charred earth and grey sky.
All shall fade and be reborn.
Open your eyes, for now is time.
Let your dreams remain, within your heart.
As destruction comes, to reclaim and renewal.
And return all to nature’s grasp.
Let us become,
A breath of wind;
© Lastelle/Mckell Irene Craft 2016-2017
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