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Are They Hooping; Why it’s the perfect app for anyone who plays the game

We all love a pickup game. All us basketball heads live for going down your local rec and playing a game with anyone; whether it be KD down at Dyckman or your best pal down the park in hoops that don’t have nets, or are slightly wonky or set at around 8ft.

Whether your idea of a game of basketball is indoors or outdoors, with nine others or just you and a mate. This app ‘Are They Hooping’ is perfect for finding out who’s playing nearby.

So many times I’ll go down my local park and find either no one there or twenty others there. This app allows you to know who’s there before you even have to leave your home.

It’s the ideal blend of social media and finding pickup games in your area. It incorporates every aspect of connecting people through one popular medium; basketball.

You can log in, set your status as “Hooping” when you start playing. Then you’ll get a notification if someone nearby also wants to hoop with you. Once you’re done, you simply press “Done Hooping” and your little icon on the map disappears until the next time you go out to ball!

The map feature gives an exact location, pinpointed to the court you’re playing on so whoever wants to hoop with you knows exactly where to find you. You can create your own team, start a league or simply ball out with your closest friends.

Are They Hooping has found the perfect blend of social mobility and the common competitive nature of basketball. No longer do you have to guess who’s down to play a game of pickup.

Are They Hooping is a real game changer.

Compete with your friends and download Are They Hooping now! 

Archie Corbett


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