About the App

Introducing the latest app  ‘Are They Hooping?’  No longer do you have to sit at the court playing the waiting game instead of a pick up game.  Are They Hooping  is an app that instantly lets you share where you are hooping. Featuring a chat aspect, you can look up your friends and let them know you’re up for a game. Or if your usual spot is dead and you need to find somewhere new or just want to show off those skills,  Are They Hooping features a map that will help you find the best location to join in on a pick up game. Everything is instant and there's no more waiting. With its simple layout it’s easy to use on the go, no matter where you are. Just create a profile, login in click  Hooping!  And let your competition know where you’re at. And when you’re done, just hit  Done Hooping  and  Are They Hooping  will instantly take you off the map. Good for indoor and outdoor games as long as there is a hoop,  Are They Hooping  can help you. Ball at home and on vacation,  Are They Hooping  is available all over the world in the Apple Store. Made for ages 17+.

Grow with us

Advertise with us! Are They Hooping features a special page for our Advertisers. Choose from three different categories in which you would like to be represented as, and your logo will be displayed with a link to your website that can be accessed when clicked. For just a dollar a day, your company will grow while Are They Hoopings audience grows more and more everyday. If you're unsatisfied with the outcome Are They Hooping will give you a month for free, to gain those followers we promised


Next Steps...

Download our app and start to build your network!


kendall humphrey - Boston MA

"This just changed the game, this is like the ultimate ball group message. I can check out who's at the gym before I even go + me and the boys already know the hotspots"


Dazjon Tinae - Atlanta GA

"Ron Jones Jr has done a remarkable job at developing the 'Are They Hooping' app. I cannot wait to see what's the next step. A great way to connect with hoopers and a great way to find quality games."


Reggie Jones -Long Island NY

"This app is amazing! I no longer have to guess whether or not anyone is at the court trying to hoop"