Are they Hooping

‘Are They Hooping’ now available on the Apple App Store'

An app to see where people are playing basketball as well as stay up to date with the basketball community.

ATLANTA – December 15, 2017 – Available today the app ‘Are They Hooping’ solves the age-old problem of not knowing what court to go to. The goal of this app is to show users where and when other people are playing pick-up or organized basketball. It also offers the ability to create your own personal network of players as well as stay up to date on basketball news.




Real-Time Map



Are they Hooping


This app allows you to stay updated in real-time. When a player is playing basketball, they will instantly appear on the map at the push of a button and removed after they are finished playing. The news feed is constantly updated with new content and news. Artists, entrepreneurs and trainers can benefit from this app as well by placing an ad on the “Sponsored” page. Finally users can discover new players and message them to set up times to play or to simply talk hoops. All this while constantly trying to increase your "hooper rating". Level up by getting your friends and people you play basketball with to vote on you and try to get to the hooper level. 

Are They Hooping is a free app that is available world-wide for Apple users. This app is currently under construction for other platforms. 

Some Reviews


Kendall Humphrey - Boston MA

(Ex-College basketball player and current trainer at ISO)


"This just changed the game, this is like the ultimate basketball group message. I can check out who's at the gym before I even go, plus  me and the boys already know the hotspots"



(Ex- College basketball player)

"Ron Jones Jr has done a remarkable job at developing the 'Are They Hooping' app. I cannot wait to see what's the next step. A great way to connect with hoopers and a great way to find quality games"



(Avid Hooper)

"This app is amazing! I no longer have to guess whether or not anyone is at the court trying to hoop"

Grow With Us


Advertise with us! Are They Hooping features a special page for our Advertisers. Choose from three different categories in which you would like to be represented as, and your logo will be displayed with a link to your website that can be accessed when clicked. For just a dollar a day, your company will grow while Are They Hoopings audience grows more and more everyday. If you're unsatisfied with the outcome Are They Hooping will give you a month for free, to gain those followers we promised


Roster Sheet



Forget your roster or stat sheet? No time to find one? No worries, Are They Hooping has come to save the day!

Our app "Roster Sheet" provides a simple printable or email friendly stat sheet with up to 15 roster spots.

Connect to printers easy via bluetooth or find nearby air printers to quickly print a roster sheet before a game.

Our app is easy to use and kid friendly so you can even have your little team helpers fill it out and take the stress off the coach.

Finally we offer also the email option so you can save versions of your stat sheet for later use or printing.

Next Steps...

Click here to download Are They Hooping

Next Steps...

Click here to download Roster Sheet