Michelle Nguyen


Video games or sketching? Those are the two things you can catch the California undergrad, Michelle Nguyen doing during her free time. The down to earth Vermeer fan, artwork boast realism and emotion. While her favorite color is black her vibrant soul illuminates the hearts of her fans through her sketched portraits.

About Michelle

The Temecula native, began creating art work around 2 years ago to spread her message on global awareness.

“The world is a beautiful place but it’s also a dark place as well, filled with emotions,” says Nguyen.

Through portraits the 28-year-old artist wants to help inspire her younger generation to be a full force against the current adversities we are facing in the world. Emotion is Nguyen’s go to for her source of inspiration in her work.

“I think that you can see the emotions I’m trying to portray in my portraits, it’s the deep emotions that are hidden within me. They come to life in my drawings.”

It was when Nguyen had delved deepest into her emotions that started her passion for art in the first place. After the loss of her father, she was at her darkest and it was art that sparked a radiant light in her again. Advocating that you can get through your hardest times no matter, through her color pencil portraits is what Michelle Nguyen wants to devote a piece of her life to.

“I hope to inspire a generation and bring light to global issues through art. I hope that my art teaches those around me to never give up and to let go of their pasts and rise above it all.”

Where to Find Her

To see more of Michelle's artwork check out her website at www.michymichellebelle.com

or follow her on Instagram @michymichellebelle