Naomi Jones


Independence, Confidence, and Beauty. The three *rules* Naomi Jones lives by. The 15 year old artist from Johns Creek, aims to promote self confidence in her peers through, creative writing, painting, and drawing. When she isn’t spreading self love piece by piece in her art, she is busy dominating the Centennial Girls basketball team.

About Naomi

While Naomi is only a freshman in high school she has been drawing since a young child.

“I started to take it seriously in 5th grade because of envy for my friend Nicole's art. I would watch my dad doodle and try to copy him but also during 5th grade I would practice with Nicole. I still do envy her work.”

Naomi enjoys making work for her peers, and often pulls inspiration from the people around her including her close friends and family. So it’s no surprise that you can still see the style taught from her dad in her work.

In hopes to aspire the younger generation, Naomi links her emotions and how she feels about others, as well as societies strict standards on how the youth should act, in her pieces.

"The message I want to put out there is that you're beautiful no matter what, to stay confident, and try to be the most successful and independent you can be."

The 15 year old Tim Burton fan, plans to become an animator after college, and keep creating art to teach everyone to love themselves, and stay true to who they are.

Where to Find Her

To see more of Naomi's Work follow her on Instagram @Im_so_sketchy